Nabil Barakat - Strategy Advisor and Board Member

Nabil Barakat, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wamar International; a leading global provider of premium services and products in the fields of power generation, oil and gas, aviation, and real life support, defence and security. Mr Barakat is widely respected as one of the world's most knowledgeable international businessmen, praised for both both his technical expertise and business acumen. With a technical education in electrical and computer engineering from Oregon State University, MIT and Cranfield University in England, Mr. Barakat spent several years in high-level positions with one of the world's leading aerospace companies. He founded Wamar in 1983, and since then the company has grown to represent some of the world's leading organizations. Mr. Barakat is assisted at Wamar by a highly skilled team of technical professionals located in leading cities around the world who provide advanced technologies to clients including the U.S. Government, NATO,U.S. Army TACOM, United States Marshal Service, Qualcomm, Inc, Amtrak, Sempra Energy, Joint Contracting Command Iraq Afghanistan and multiple international governments.

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