Amanda Hart - CEO and Founder

Amanda is the CEO and Founder of Social Health Innovations, Inc. She is committed to lowering the suicide rate globally, through technology and has curated a global team of experts to create propriety technology, Be A Looper.  

Amanda's professional background includes ten years of due diligence, innovations, brand management and technology transformation on private and public companies internationally, including her last project before launching SHI, a due diligence for new rollout for global mental health leader, Ramsay Healthcare.

Amanda's interests include technology, suicide intervention, data analysis, consumer psychology, youth, healthcare, environment, family, future, policy, social impact, artificial intelligence, blockchain, education, vulnerability and m/telehealth.

Amanda is patent holder of: "Methods for tracking and responding to mental health statuses":  62/203,083.

Amanda strongly believes that technology has a significant role to play in reducing the rising suicide rate, as well as increasing the wellbeing and health of the general population on a global scale. What underpins Amanda's drive is her belief that  "accessible, practical and private technology for all" must be readily accessible and provide a practical solution to maintain meaningful daily social connections.

You can learn more about Amanda here:

Amanda Hart